We offer a range of services to ensure that every aspect of your property search runs as smoothly as possible. Whichever service you need, your requirements will always remain the focus throughout the process and you will receive our experienced, objective advice.

1 - Acquisition

However peculiar your ideal property may be, we pride ourselves on offering a tailor made service, from establishing your requirements to handling the search and acquisition process to completion. Our network of contacts prove invaluable to gaining advance knowledge of properties coming to market and access to properties that are never to be listed on the open market. We ask the right questions so we fill in even the blind spots you may not have considered and search the market thoroughly for properties that align closely with your expectations, taking into wider consideration other thing like the area, quality of life and other things you would expect beyond the property based on our knowledge of you. Once we have found the right property we use our knowledge of the market to advise you on appropriate pricing and purchase strategy and this is where our experience and relationships are of critical value in increasing the likelihood of a successful purchase. We help you navigate the entire process and deal with all parties involved in the transaction – lawyers, bankers, valuers & vendors  – on your behalf so you don’t have to. We aim to become trusted advisors to our clients, and are proud of the fact we have grown primarily through referrals and repeat business from our existing clientele.

2 - Financial Services

We work closely with a number of leading banks to provide the necessary financial leverage to secure your property transactions. Our unique relationship with lenders ensures a speedy approval of finance that caters to your peculiar circumstance whatever they may be meaning that your dream home is days rather than months away. You may know the banks that don’t lend. We know those who do. Our financial services cover
  • Non Resident Mortgages
  • Compulsory Purchases
  • Lease Extension Service Charge Mediation
  • Re-mortgages
  • Bridge loans

3 - Lifestyle Management

As a large percentage of our clients are based overseas and spend on average, a couple weeks a year in the country. When in town they tend to need a guiding hand or better yet someone to help make a clean break from all the hustle and bustle.   We take the arduous day-to-day time consuming tasks of your hand allowing you to focus on what really matters to you.   From booking a private box at your favourite premier league team, to booking a private jet, we ensure that everything is catered to your preferred level of assistance.   We tailor our services to your personal requirements, ensuring your life runs as smoothly as possible.   Some of our most common services:
  • Concierge
  • Key Holding services
  • Chauffeuring
  • School Searches
  • Restaurant & event reservation services

4 - Private Rental & Relocation

Wherever in the world you choose to call home you’ll find it’s the little things that matter. Knowing the best places to get ingredients for dinner, activities for the kids on the weekend or even where to get the best bargains.   We understand it’s the little things like this that truly matter and so act to make your relocation process as seamless and pain free as possible. We offer service levels particular to your needs and assign a dedicated member of staff to ensure you have all you need to get settled in.   Some of the more regular service we provide are things like:
  • Property search
  • Business purchase search
  • Lifestyle based settling advice
  • Accompanied viewings and recommendations to highly regarded solicitors, surveyors and mortgage brokers
  • Negotiation services
  • Property management including bill paying services and property maintenance
  • Setting up a U.K bank account
  • City and Area orientation
  • Car purchase/lease
  • School search services

5 - Development/Project Management

We don't believe improving your property should interrupt your regular day to day activities and equilibrium and understand that dealing with builders and tradesmen can be testing so we take away this burden from our clients by overseeing the whole life-cycle of any project from tender to payment disbursement.   All statutory requirements like obtaining planning permission and Building Regulations are taken care of by our in-house team, working with trusted professionals when necessary to achieve results satisfactory to our clients’ expectations.  

6 - Property Wealth Management

Historically property has always provided a sound route to achieving long-term capital growth, and London with its reputation for stability serves as an attractive store of value to HNWI’s all over the world to maintain their wealth.   On average London property prices double every ten years. With an average yearly yield of 6%, and with the gap between supply and demand only set to grow there are huge opportunities to be explored.   Here is where we bring to bear the full breadth of our expertise in the London property market to deliver a comprehensive range of services that helps you meet your aims whether they lay in property investment or property development opportunities.   We identify and prioritize your investment needs through a greater understanding of your investment criteria, be it for income or towards a strategic goal such as funding your child’s education. Taking this into account we structure your investments according to return requirements, attitude to risk and investment time horizon.   We are able to cover all aspects of transaction related advice from private, onshore and offshore corporate structures through to deal negotiation, completion and portfolio management.