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Harley House W1

Purchase Price:  £2.8m
Immediate Asking Price:  £3.8m

Backdrop: A Trust was offloading its portfolio and needed cash to meet an immediate commitment.

We were contacted on a Monday and exchanged contracts on Thursday. Completion was done a week later. The swift nature of this transaction epitomizes the efficiency and knowledge of the acquisition process.

Our client was delighted when he moved into the property shortly after and was offered a smaller flat in the block for £3.8m.

Our network of business partners gives us access to investment opportunities that may never be made available to the market.




Upper Berkley Mayfair

Purchase Price:  £330,000
Immediate Asking Price:  £700,000

Backdrop: This property was picked up prior to being placed at a property auction. Due to our excellent rapport with local estate agents we were informed that this property was about to come on at the Savills auction, we were able to step in and make a deal for our client. The client’s expectations were exceeded.

West Kensington W14

Asking Price:  N/A
Purchase Price:  £350,000

Backdrop: We were contacted by a client with a budget of £350000. We identified a property that matched the client’s expectations from the Savills auction list with a guide price of £300,000 and went on to bid. Being a regular participant at the auction we landed the property without any competing bid. Immediately after the bid and just before signing contracts an offer of £290,000 was offered by a prospective buyer, our client however politely turned down the request to sell.

Our business is conducted with unalloyed transparency.

Danes Court, St John’s Wood NW8

Asking Price:  £980,000
Purchase Price:  £980,000

Back Drop: The property in question is in a highly sought after block in St Johns Wood London. Due to a unique relationship with local estate agents and the vendors unwillingness to market online, we were informed discreetly and after one viewing able to strike a deal with the vendor for a mutually beneficial price.

Phillimore Gardens W8

Asking Price:  N/A
Purchase Price:  N/A

Negotiated and secured finance for this imposing property in one of London’s most sought after addresses, the property was one of the 3 most expensive properties sold in London in 2007.

Park Close, Dollis Hill NW2

Purchase Price:  £390,000
Current Property Value  £700,000

BackDrop: This property was repossessed and the agent in charge of the property refused to pass the clients offer to the selling bank, the clients desired the property strongly and contacted DF International to get the property. We had to work through our networks to put an offer through to the bank who accepted the offer.

The client spent a further £60,000 on renovation work and has enjoyed a 44% increase in property value. ‘The Client didn’t come across as being able to afford the property, however due to Daniel Fords persistence he got the property’ – Agent